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I had a dream like
Martin Luther King.
Where I lived in a
sovereign nation.

My children could play
in the streets each day,
without fear from an
alien gunman.

But the people slept
as base henchmen crept,
into office’s
meant for our leaders.

Blind sheep awaken
retake our nation,
cause right now we’re just
tax paying breeders.

It ought not to be
that our citizenry,
has little to do
for our protection.

That criminals walk
since the dead can’t talk,
and lawyers practice
racist deflection.



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Blackheart McCain


Listen to the tale of ‘Blackheart McCain’
who danced on the graves of Vietnam’s slain.
Never believed tho they called him Songbird
a suffering captives the tale I’d heard.

Spent my whole life thinking him a great man,
served US with honor during Vietnam.
Voted for him I’m ashamed now to say,
he’s shown his ‘black heart’ to US all today.

Guess it has all been for money and fame
this lifetime pursuit of Blackheart McCain.
It tells on his face, tho he shows no shame,
he’s serves but himself this Blackheart McCain.

Cheryl Davis Miller 9/ 22/17


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faded glory

Death by a thousand nicks
none too deep or long.
A whisper in back rooms
dark plan all along.

Swarms of flies descend with
chaos on their wings
to spread decay and stench
base of Left leanings.

Like buzzards circling
waiting to devour
the carcass on the ground
thinking dinner hour.

Hear me; oh driven swarms
take heed to this word.
Flies lifespan isn’t long
have you never heard?

c.d.m. 5/19/17


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Beware the Swamp

faded glory

Be careful of the dark swamp
oh Mister President.
Of gators neath the surface,
for they Sir, are hell bent.

To grab and pull you under
in a horrid death roll,
while masking their intentions,
and blackness of their soul.

Smiling through lying lips
with words you want to hear,
seek to get into your head
to whisper in your ear.

“We know the way you should go
so soften up your stance;
we know the ropes, follow us
your one and only chance.”

Beware the swamps dark creatures
gators, snakes and quicksand,
designed to halt your progress
then steal a Leaders stand.

Recall the words you’ve spoken
you heard US; we heard you.
Seek God alone for guidance
do what you said you’d do.

cheryl davis miller 12/7/16


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Push Hillary Through


They all travel in Lockstep agreement
media and; corrupt politicians.
All the while they’re in Lockstep agreement
beat US down with their liberal doctrines.

Such foul corruption never viewed by man
in every office of our government;
so bad it’s left a foul smell in the air
as poisons rots and corruptions foment.

Who can we trust the little people cry?
Not our President nor the F.B.I.
Not dirty Land Grabbers out in the west
who killed a citizen, for the conquest.

Expect no Justice from the D.O.J.
she met with Clinton, on the plane’s runway.
Lockstep smiles and say’s, “no harm; and no foul.”
Lady Justice they plan, to disembowel.

They bring to memory; the Fatherland
thought they were right, but did not understand;
when powers rule us with an Ironhand
the crushing blows we can never withstand.

Yet they gather in Lockstep agreement
Wikileaks report, receives no statement
Hide corruption, and misguide public view,
do anything to push Hillary through.

cheryl davis miller 10/28/16


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The Apple Cart



The upsetting of the apple cart,
feared by both sides of the aisle.
Total eclipse of what I’ve held to,
both sides are revealed to be vile.

Who can we look to for honesty
for substance to lend us credence?
When the highest court in all the land
shows an unjust weight and balance.

No one in Washington desires change,
they love the deception at court.
Portraying a facade of factions
they truly just ‘themselves’ support.

We’re on our own if Hillary wins,
because all will remain the same.
Both sides of the aisle serving self,
representing US only in name.

So look at the apples neatly stacked
but there won’t be any for you.
Only the crooked ones at the top
will partake of the revenue.
Cheryl Davis Miller 10/14/16


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Front Page News

NYposts lie

You sit in your ivory tower
looking down on the rest of us.
Declaring how ‘God is useless’ and
our faith somehow proves it is thus.

Trying to blame the working man for
the chaos the liberals chose.
Telling the world God won’t answer prayer
‘gun control’ will answer all woes.

Believing yourselves superior
thus you mock us from your front-page.
When you go down the drain as others;
perhaps then you’ll grasp our outrage.

Your tower won’t be so pretty when
the terrorists get through with you.
Don’t ask us to pray or grab our guns,
we’re too stupid to know what to do.

cdm 12/3/15


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