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Message Sent

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Oh babe I need to ask you
do you ever think of me?
Does it ever cross your mind
how great life could really be?

Just open up your heart, hear
all these words I send to you
defying space and time, cause
I have got to get them through.

They say that it’s all wrong and
perhaps I have lost my mind.
How can they understand how
two hearts can be entwined

I feel your ev’ry heartbeat
and each tear you shed I taste.
Feel hope rise up in your heart
before life lays hope to waste.

Out into the universe
I send you this pledge encased
in passion and devotion
for we are yet interlaced

I’m waiting for your response
as I have for oh so long
come home and let me love you
just come back where you belong.

I leave this light on for you
follow it and come back here
you’ll find all you have longed for
in my faithful arms my Dear.

c.d.m. 7/25/17


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My Tie-Dyed, Tee-Shirts


After many long years, of no sightings,
They’ve began to make one, again,
The tie-dyed tee-shirts, of my childhood,
that I’ve not seen, since way back when,
At first I thought,’I’m just too darned old,
to don one of those, colorful beaut’s,
But every time I see them, on my grand-child,
I once again admire, their attributes,
I use to make them, as a young girl,
I remember how it stained, my hands,
I love how the color’s fade, and swirl,
Their an artwork, some folk’s don’t understand,
So I bought me two, tie-dyed tee-shirts,
then I turned around, and bought four more,
Then the Lady I work for, loved them also,
she ordered some, and she’s eighty-four,
Then my sister said, ‘I’d love to have one,
and my daughter, would love one too’,
So I sent them each, a tie-dyed tee-shirt,
they called and said, ‘Oh man thank you’,
I think we’ll start a ‘fad’, or ‘revive’ one,
so you’ll see these, ‘wild beauties’ everywhere,
And if you don’t like, our tie-dyed tee-shirts,
‘Frankly my dears, we don’t care.’
                           c.d.m. 3-4-11


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Sam and Susie


A life time ago, in the country side, lived a couple, for many a year,
Their marriage, produced no off-spring, which caused Susie, many a tear,
They each, had come from large families, that was normal, for such an age,
Tho the journal, of Sam and Susie’s life, bore a child, on nary a page,

They excepted, what fate had chosen, made the most, of their lives with each other,
They shared, the children of family, from her sister’s, and Samuel’s brother,
They relished, the sound of a child’s voice, echoing, out in the wood,
With time, they threw off the sense of loss, tho neither,  ever understood,

They lived, in a two room log cabin, reaped, what they could from the land,
Just them and their Lord, and a simple life, in the midst, of a large Maple stand,
Well as you may know, time pass’, Sam and Susie, both grew old,
They didn’t fear dying, just leaving each other, at least, so I have been told,

Hard times, covered our nation, back in, nineteen-twenty eight,
Harder times, came to their cabin,and left them, at the poor-house gate,
Til their last breath, they were together, I heard this tale told, long ago,
But from the journal, of Sam and Susie’s life, there is this one thing, I know,

Life’s meant to be shared, with another, and the Lord, Who gave life to you,
A two-fold cord, may be broken, but a three-fold cord, will hold true,
This life, is no more than a vapor, just a blink, and a life-time is through,
But the faithful, are kept by the Faithful One, and He’ll always, remember you.

In memory of Samuel and Susan Brahm Williams



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