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The Garden’s Fee

English cottage garden


I planted a garden
a thing of beauty.
Each plant placed with forethought
and love tenderly.

I watered and pruned it
fed it cautiously.
Carefully arranged my
garden symphony.

One day it had grown to
full capacity.
It was time to un-robe
my thing of beauty.

So long I’d tended it
down on bended knee.
When finished there were none
to view it with me.

I realized sadly
my garden’s true fee;
had taken my whole life
and left me lonely.

A gardens for sharing
with one’s family;
else there are none to view
your work of beauty.

c.d.m. 6 / 5/ 16


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Summer Gardening,,,


                    Summer  Gardening

It was a have -to case, for so many years,
just to feed, the family,
That I hung up my gloves, for a long time,
and rested my poor knees,
But it gets in your blood, and you miss it,
when you’ve given it, up for a  while,
The first smell of the earth, as we turned it,
caused my lips, to smile,
Then there was the, fertilizing, 
and marking out, of the rows,
And planning what go’s where, is important,
just as every gardener, knows,
The corn must go in, two by two,
cucumbers need room, to vine,
Marigolds, keep the bugs away,
at least they do, in mine,
Potatoes must have lot’s, of room,
so they can then be, hilled,
The hoe, must tend to every row,
for the larder, to be filled,
Tomatoes, must be tied up,
so the sun can touch the fruit,
Beans, like a little lime applied,
but they still, will make you ‘toot’,
The strangest tale, I’ve yet to hear,
an old woman, recounted to me,
Concerning, sweet green peppers,
and how to plant them, properly,
She looked up at me, with a toothless grin,
said,’ For peppers to bear fruit miss’,
‘You must plant them real close together’,
’cause see,  ‘sweet’ peppers just love to kiss’.

                                              c.d.m.  5-31-10


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