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The Bucket


When the bucket is empty
and the well has run dry
which way shall we all turn and
to Whom shall we then cry?

Denying the evidence
of the Creator’s hand
we’ve bartered and borrowed we
refuse to understand.

That every good thing must
some day come to an end
We can try to ignore it
as we try to pretend.

That this life will just go on
and that nothing will change
that there’s always tomorrow
and death we’ll shortchange.

Then life’s bucket is empty
and our well has run dry
if we call out to Jesus
He will always reply.


cdm 10/13/17



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A Life Changing Dream,,,

When I was a young girl, of seventeen,

Life was ‘pure hell’ , if you know what I mean,

One night while asleep, I received a dream,

I awoke, with a terrifying scream,

I saw in the vision, the end of the age,

 As the heavens split, the earth was in a rage,

I knew in my heart, I was not prepared,

to leave, and meet Jesus in the air,

I fell on my face, and cried God forgive,

I’ll remember what He said, as long as I live,

He said, ‘ I’m sorry child now it’s to late,

your life up to now, has sealed your fate’,

Like I said I was screaming, when I got out of  bed,

His words kept replaying, inside of my head,

From that day I began, to turn my life around,

In the midst of my turning, True Life’s what I’ve found,

 Now the movie,’ 2012′ doesn’t terrify me,

For I’ve found in my seeking, true Eternity,

Where forever begins the day we all get there,

When we rise to meet Jesus, in the air.

                                                         c.d.m. 4-3-10


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