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Touched by Madness

In the winding wood’s of Carolina;
There on pathway’s up and down.
Nestled neath the pines and green fronds.
He said our bodies would be found.

One hand held a pint of moonshine.
The other bore a twenty-two.
Hours of marching as he taunted.
His threats had always proven true.

He needed no excuse for madness.
His madness came and went with time.
A word, a look, or passing fancy.
There seemed no reason nor any rhyme.

Mother hid me behind her body.
Staying between he and I.
Saying,”Kill me if you must kill someone,
she’s just thirteen and too young to die.”

I walked pretending I was elsewhere.
Crying prayer’s out silently.
Knowing if he killed my Mother.
He’d turn the gun and then kill me.

Then just as quickly as it started;
He’d proved his point and he was done.
Said,” Let’s get home and fix some supper.”
Went to the truck and slid away the gun.

You wonder why I’m most times weary.
Or seem to write from some dark place.
This is just a page out of my history.
Once touched by madness; it leaves a trace.

                              c.d.m. 5-25-11

[46 years after the fact]


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Michele Genee 1973

I once had a friend, Michele Genee was her name.
She watched my back, for her I did the same.
We lived out in the streets, some how we always got by.
But it really was a miracle, we both didn’t die.

We worked by day, wnd we partied by night.
We helped each other out, and we seldom had a fight.
We really tore up the streets, of old Akron town.
The life that we led made, both our mama’s frown,.

I bet your wonderin what happened to, Michele Genee.
Why it is in the past-tense, that you hear of her from me.
If you care to read further, the sad story I’ll tell.
Of what came between us, and sent our friendship to hell.

Michele was the elder, between her and me.
But I’d lived out there longer, I had street maturity.
She one day met a man, ‘Pretty Charles’ by name.
I knew from the streets that, pimpin was his game.

I tried to tell her, she said, ” Thats not what he’s about.”
I said, ” Watch and I’ll show you, I’ll leave room for no doubt.”
My plan was to get him, interested in me.
To catch his eye, so he’d drop Michele Genee.

It didn’t take him long to see, that I knew the score.
Between me and Michele, he knew I’d make him more.
He dropped her like a hot potatoe, and came after me.
That was the end of my friendship, with Michele Genee.

Well I laughed at ‘Pretty Charles’, and said, ” Listen man,
I am not so stupid, as to fall for your plan,
why would I need you, if what I’m sellin is me,? ”
I guess I had to much of that, street maturity.

So Michele Genee, this is a message to you
I didn’t mean to hurt you I did what I had to do.
He would have used you up, then threw you in a garbage can.
That’s all you would have gotten from that, pimpin man.
Peace out from me.                                3/10/09


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Teachers Pet

As a child, my school day’s were laced with,
fond and sweet, memories,
School began an adventure, each year,
or at least, so it seemed to me,

Mom taught us, “Be kind to your teachers,
show respect, and you will find,
They will then fulfill, their purpose,
to help you, expand your mind”,

So every year, my sister and I,
would prepare for the course, we had set,
Our mission was clear, we held one thing dear,
becoming this years, ‘Teachers Pet’,

I’m pleased to say, in most cases,
the plan worked, just as we’d been told,
Not only were we, found in favor,
but we learned, as each year would unfold,

Every June, when school ended,
we said good-bye, with a hug and a tear,
Come July, we were plotting a new course,
for our mission, the following year,

Well just judging by, the news papers,
a lots changed, since way back then,
Seems a shame, such an honored profession,
should be tainted, by ignorance and sin,

Either male or female, it matters not,
and I say this, with much regret,
I don’t think, I want my grand-children,
to be known as the, ‘Teachers Pet’…

c.d.m.5- 27-09


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Piccadilly Market

Once a Lady, shopped at Piccadilly,
searching for her, food needs of the day,
When she reached out for, an extra loaf of brown bread,
Some one shoved her, right out of his way,

Oh,’What think you, of that fine Lady’
‘What think you, of that kind Sir’,
‘Thing’s in life aren’t fair, me Lady’,
‘On that subject Sir, I will concur’,

Two young boy’s, were walking  to the school-house,
One well-groomed,the other tattered and soiled,
A Gentleman tossed,  a two-pence  from his window,
The rich boy grabbed it, while the poor boy recoiled,

Oh,’What think you, of that fine Lady’
‘What think you, of that kind Sir’,
‘Thing’s in life aren’t fair, me Lady’,
‘On that subject Sir, I will concur’,

Two men sat outside, the Bishops office,
Both seeking a position, in the local Diocese,
One man sought to further, God’s sweet Kingdom,
The other sought to do, just as ‘ he ‘ pleased,

The Bishop looked upon, these two fine brethren,
And quickly noted that one was, just as he,
He welcomed him, to fill the new position,
And showed the other, out into the street,

Oh,’What think you, of that fine Lady’
‘What think you, of that kind Sir’,
‘Thing’s in life aren’t fair, me Lady’,
‘On that subject Sir, I will concur’,



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shadow girls

The Shadow Girl


She stepped out of the shadow, cast by the building, she stood near,

A sharp wind knifed her in the back, she trembled, from cold and fear,

Another day has come and gone, another night shift, lays ahead,

She feels as tho she’s walking, through “the night, of the living dead”,

She paces back and forth, within the confines ,of her turf,

A sad and lonely, little girl, who has no sense of worth,

She pulls her coat together, trying to escape, the chill,

Knowing well, she has a certain quote, she must fill,

For well she’s learned the lesson, of coming  “home”, a little short,

She’ll work until the daylight hours, if that’s, her last resort,

A brown sedan is passing, a couple, the woman coldly glares,

She bites her lip, and shrugs if off, as she toss’ her long hair,

She wishes that she had a voice, to speak, in her own behalf,

Fearful explanations, would only, make the scoffers laugh,

So I will speak out for her, and millions of others, such as she,

If you meet someone like her,  please ,take this advice from me,

Don’t judge to harsh, show mercy, you don’t know what she’s  been through,

And remember friend, circumstances can change, it could be me or you.

                                                                                    C.D.M    11-19-09

Photo’s by Terri Jean Photography


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Let the Light Shine on Darkness

cheyls-pics-066I spoke with a little girl one day,a child of 62,

You ask,’how is she still a child at that age’,I want to explain it to you,

See when she was quite young,she met someone who,had been tainted by evil hands,

They introduced her,to a world of things,a child cannot understand,

As so often happens,Ruthie withdrew,did I tell you that was her name?

Like a turtle in it’s shell,Ruthie’s life went to hell,retardation is what got the blame,

This child once shining,was shoved into the dark,placed with others who would not progress,

Ruthie simply complied,never breathing a sigh,no one questioned why she had digressed,

So a child’s life was altered,forever changed,from all that she may have been,

Sacrificed on the altar,of fulfilling the lust,of one sick evil man’s sin,

This story is sad,we all can agree,but it’s one in a million out there,

But if we’ll watch and pray,intervene in some way, no more children,this sad story will share.




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