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English cottage garden

‘You cannot take the other’s place’
words I once spoke in haste.
Now that your gone, I find I wish
those words I could replace.

I hope somehow, somewhere out there
that you hear what I say.
Your place cannot be taken and
I’ll miss you ev’ry day.

I’ve learned a vital lesson; one
I hope not to forget.
Life’s short we must watch what we say,
so we won’t have regret.


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Front Page News

NYposts lie

You sit in your ivory tower
looking down on the rest of us.
Declaring how ‘God is useless’ and
our faith somehow proves it is thus.

Trying to blame the working man for
the chaos the liberals chose.
Telling the world God won’t answer prayer
‘gun control’ will answer all woes.

Believing yourselves superior
thus you mock us from your front-page.
When you go down the drain as others;
perhaps then you’ll grasp our outrage.

Your tower won’t be so pretty when
the terrorists get through with you.
Don’t ask us to pray or grab our guns,
we’re too stupid to know what to do.

cdm 12/3/15


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The Blitz

the blitz

You cannot appease a bully
so please folks accept this fact.
Can’t change the mind of terrorists,
with satan they’ve made a pact.

They only live; to kill and die
to maim and destroy as well.
You cannot reason with madness
that flows from the pits of hell.

Call it simple work place anger
from bias, et cetera.
Blame it on, America’s guns
not far left Islam’s dogma.

You cowards with evil intent
want a one world government.
You think to dis-arm us,
cause you cannot charm us.
You think us all malcontents.

So wake up America; there’s
an enemy in our midst.
Try’s to deceive, make us believe
it’s not an Islamic blitz.

cdm 12/3/15



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My Friend

hen and chicks

When left out on the streets alone
Lord, you were always there.
When no one else was listening
with You Lord, I could share.

Sometimes I leave that girl behind
forget how life was then.
When I felt oh so lonely and
You were my only Friend.

I want to thank You one more time
before I lapse once more,
my faithful Friend, Who took my hand
and changed me evermore.

cdm 11/20/15

Oh Jerusalem, how oft I would have gathered you as a hen gathers her chicks.

[ words of Jesus]


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An Answer to Obama and Shep Smith


Excuse us Sir, if we say ‘pass’
not welcome to the masses.
As they slip through the net YOU threw
to; come kill our asses.

How stupid do you think we are?
Not half as dumb as you.
We won’t sit down with snakes to eat,
because YOU tell us to.

Listen to Trump and others and
just aid them over there.
Cause from their midst come murderers
and we don’t need them here.

cdm 11/17/15


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Dead at Heart


How could it be that I grieve so
yet you never remember me?
Try to move on, forward not back
but my head and heart can’t agree.

How’s one pretend, it matters not?
One half of a whole’s still the same.
Missed that class in the school of life.
I flinch each time I hear your name.

What made your heart grow cold and hard?
How do you take a breath these days?
You now exist, while dead at heart
as the smile on your face displays.

cdm 11/13/15


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Harry’s Legacy


Well you’ve broken my heart, sweet Harry
by saying you will not run again.
To speak sentiments very clearly
to this paper I have put my pen.

You’ve lied and connived your whole ‘career’
while creating this ‘progressive’ trend,
a dream coming true, living to see
your tyrannical reign finally end.

You have led the charge ever bravely
to knock all the ‘right’ out of the way.
By hook and by crook you determined
you would cripple our nation some day.

Now you are done, so you’re going home
reap richly of that, which you have sown.
May every stray dog in Nevada
cock its leg on ‘old Harry’s’ headstone.

c.d.m. 3/27/15

bye-bye Harry

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