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Message Sent

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Oh babe I need to ask you
do you ever think of me?
Does it ever cross your mind
how great life could really be?

Just open up your heart, hear
all these words I send to you
defying space and time, cause
I have got to get them through.

They say that it’s all wrong and
perhaps I have lost my mind.
How can they understand how
two hearts can be entwined

I feel your ev’ry heartbeat
and each tear you shed I taste.
Feel hope rise up in your heart
before life lays hope to waste.

Out into the universe
I send you this pledge encased
in passion and devotion
for we are yet interlaced

I’m waiting for your response
as I have for oh so long
come home and let me love you
just come back where you belong.

I leave this light on for you
follow it and come back here
you’ll find all you have longed for
in my faithful arms my Dear.

c.d.m. 7/25/17


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Sweet West Virginia Boy



There high upon the wind-swept hill
beneath a warm spring sky,
We promised there on top the rocks
our love would never die.

With God alone to witness us
we made our vows that day,
we had no need of others to
hear what we had to say.

We swore to one another that
our love was all we’d need
to overcome life’s trials and
in all things to succeed.

“Time In A Bottle”, was our song
the essence of our heart.
There on the hills we never dreamed
that one day we would part.

I walked away sorry to say
much to my sad regret.
Now forty-two years later love,
I still cannot forget.

Your passing is the only cause
that I have not returned,
to my sweet West Virginia boy
for whom I’ve always yearned.

cheryl davis miller 5/1/17

for Stanley


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window picture

If I could look in your dark eyes again
I’d never again look away.
I’d watch as the sun chased the stars and moon.
I’d watch forever and a day.

I’ve learned from your absence as years go by
the bitter-taste of sad regret.
But the look in your eyes in morning light
is something I cannot forget.

I remember you, where ever you are
I think about you every day.
Know this my love if I could go back I,
would never again walk away.

c.d.m. 4/30/17


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the Rabbit Hole


Another one slipped down the ‘rabbit hole’
a victim of modern-day plague.
Of sorrow pain and self medication
to escape; to the  scape of the vague.

Gone without a word; of explanation
lost to us here in, this earthly realm.
She was gone many years prior to death
since life first began to overwhelm.

No time left for goodbyes, spoken to you
nor even one more ‘You will be missed.’
No chance for a hug, or a memory,
such as when your sweet cheek, I last kissed.

Please children stay clear of the ‘rabbit hole,’
for no comfort will you find down there.
Just sorrow for those that you leave behind,
as you fall for the enemies snare.
Cheryl Davis Miller 9/18/16


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Touched by Madness

In the winding wood’s of Carolina;
There on pathway’s up and down.
Nestled neath the pines and green fronds.
He said our bodies would be found.

One hand held a pint of moonshine.
The other bore a twenty-two.
Hours of marching as he taunted.
His threats had always proven true.

He needed no excuse for madness.
His madness came and went with time.
A word, a look, or passing fancy.
There seemed no reason nor any rhyme.

Mother hid me behind her body.
Staying between he and I.
Saying,”Kill me if you must kill someone,
she’s just thirteen and too young to die.”

I walked pretending I was elsewhere.
Crying prayer’s out silently.
Knowing if he killed my Mother.
He’d turn the gun and then kill me.

Then just as quickly as it started;
He’d proved his point and he was done.
Said,” Let’s get home and fix some supper.”
Went to the truck and slid away the gun.

You wonder why I’m most times weary.
Or seem to write from some dark place.
This is just a page out of my history.
Once touched by madness; it leaves a trace.

                              c.d.m. 5-25-11

[46 years after the fact]


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What would you have done differently,
had you known yesterday?
What memories would you have made
and what words would you say?

In all the worlds blessings there’s
one thing truly sublime;
the most precious commodity
a moment of your time.

Time is here and then it’s gone and
it won’t return again.
So if you truly love someone,
then give time to your friend.
cdm 12/ 15/ 15

For Beth


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Dead at Heart


How could it be that I grieve so
yet you never remember me?
Try to move on, forward not back
but my head and heart can’t agree.

How’s one pretend, it matters not?
One half of a whole’s still the same.
Missed that class in the school of life.
I flinch each time I hear your name.

What made your heart grow cold and hard?
How do you take a breath these days?
You now exist, while dead at heart
as the smile on your face displays.

cdm 11/13/15


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