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Push Hillary Through


They all travel in Lockstep agreement
media and; corrupt politicians.
All the while they’re in Lockstep agreement
beat US down with their liberal doctrines.

Such foul corruption never viewed by man
in every office of our government;
so bad it’s left a foul smell in the air
as poisons rots and corruptions foment.

Who can we trust the little people cry?
Not our President nor the F.B.I.
Not dirty Land Grabbers out in the west
who killed a citizen, for the conquest.

Expect no Justice from the D.O.J.
she met with Clinton, on the plane’s runway.
Lockstep smiles and say’s, “no harm; and no foul.”
Lady Justice they plan, to disembowel.

They bring to memory; the Fatherland
thought they were right, but did not understand;
when powers rule us with an Ironhand
the crushing blows we can never withstand.

Yet they gather in Lockstep agreement
Wikileaks report, receives no statement
Hide corruption, and misguide public view,
do anything to push Hillary through.

cheryl davis miller 10/28/16


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The Apple Cart



The upsetting of the apple cart,
feared by both sides of the aisle.
Total eclipse of what I’ve held to,
both sides are revealed to be vile.

Who can we look to for honesty
for substance to lend us credence?
When the highest court in all the land
shows an unjust weight and balance.

No one in Washington desires change,
they love the deception at court.
Portraying a facade of factions
they truly just ‘themselves’ support.

We’re on our own if Hillary wins,
because all will remain the same.
Both sides of the aisle serving self,
representing US only in name.

So look at the apples neatly stacked
but there won’t be any for you.
Only the crooked ones at the top
will partake of the revenue.
Cheryl Davis Miller 10/14/16


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Trump Said Some Bad Words



I think that I shall never see
this world the same politically,
Trump thought he spoke just guy to guy
not a pussified democrat spy.

Lo and behold now Hillary
says she wants no wall to protect me.
It’s not just me but you all too,
no borders for the Red, White and Blue.

That matters not, bad words were spoke.
I tell you it is a freaking joke!
Those words  are spoke time and again;
Trump thought that Billy Bush was a friend.

So ladies tell me “What think you?”
Bad words or rapist, we must purview.*
A harsh cold world that we live in;
so you throw the stone, ones without sin.

*‘social taboos meant that little information
was likely to come within the purview of women generally’
[ We’ve come a long way baby,
but this might give us the vapors]

Cheryl Davis Miller 10/8/2016


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Wild and Crazy Times


Obama’s walking in; like Steve Martin,
as he once played “a wild and crazy guy”
Kerry joins the fray, with Botox display
wishes simply to Obama’s will, comply.

Lynch bends the law to set Hillary free
makes a joke of the law we all obey.
This group riddled the law; to screw us all.
Round’s out this motley crew with James Comey.

Huma Aberdeen, an Iranian,
I’m sure she has our interests at heart.
Valerie Jarrett too, the Whitehouse shrew
wants the constitution law to depart.

Who will free us from the traitorous clan,
and then raise ‘Old Glory’ high once again?
You and I my friend, this message we send;
only Trump will defend the working man.

Hear their half-filled screams, the elite mainstreams,
as they mock and call us deplorable?
But there’s coming a day, they all will say;
” Well I guess a Trump win, was feasible.”
Cheryl Davis Miller 9 /21 /16


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Deplorable Me


Oh Deplorable me; so say’s Hillary.
beyond all hope or redemption.
I find it so rich, such a crime ridden witch
even knows redemption’s, a word.

Oh unmovable me, take that Hillary
your rant got you bad attention.
Friends are starting to snitch; ‘word that rhymes with witch.’
More than half the nation’s been slurred.

Cheryl Davis Miller 9/11/16


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The Middle

window picture


Right out here in ‘the middle’ of
this wonderful country.
There is a whole lot of people
that think a lot like me.

Like; we think we ought to matter
and even have some say,
concerning what goes on here in
the good old USA.

Were the ones that pay the taxes
and provide charities.
Backbone of the nation pays
the politicians fees.

Yet were the last ones considered
or even to be heard
In fact we are never mentioned
unless we’re being slurred.

They like to call us backwards or
suggest we are in-bred,
to mock our God and weapons then
say we have been misled.

They truly are high-minded those
that dwell beside the sea.
Discounting all the middle land
that’s you and it is me!

Now Hillary accuses us
ev’ry kind of ‘ism’.
They are walling off the middle
accusing us of schism.

Wake up out there in ‘middle land’
and let your voice be heard.
Before it’s just East coast and West
the middle just a byword.

Cheryl Davis Miller 9/10/16



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Hillary’s Train

train 3 Read the rest of this entry »


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