The Middle

10 Sep

window picture


Right out here in ‘the middle’ of
this wonderful country.
There is a whole lot of people
that think a lot like me.

Like; we think we ought to matter
and even have some say,
concerning what goes on here in
the good old USA.

Were the ones that pay the taxes
and provide charities.
Backbone of the nation pays
the politicians fees.

Yet were the last ones considered
or even to be heard
In fact we are never mentioned
unless we’re being slurred.

They like to call us backwards or
suggest we are in-bred,
to mock our God and weapons then
say we have been misled.

They truly are high-minded those
that dwell beside the sea.
Discounting all the middle land
that’s you and it is me!

Now Hillary accuses us
ev’ry kind of ‘ism’.
They are walling off the middle
accusing us of schism.

Wake up out there in ‘middle land’
and let your voice be heard.
Before it’s just East coast and West
the middle just a byword.

Cheryl Davis Miller 9/10/16



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