A Message on the Wind

14 Apr

train 3

The GOP is questioning
what’s happening to our base?
Why do they choose an outsider
for this presidential race?

Where do I begin to tell you
what has brought us to this place
that many think it’s far past time;
the Grand old Party’s replaced.

We worked and prayed and gave money
gained the senate and the house.
Expecting now the promises
we would finally espouse.

We watched the sessions on the floor
one and all with bated breath.
Only to see our hopes dashed as
you trampled them all to death.

You expect a lifetime payment
and seldom show up to work.
Allow the passing of pork bills
your duty to us you shirk.

“Just work and pay your taxes, for
you know we represent you.”
You really think us all stupid,
believing what you say’s true.

Hey, there is a strange wind blowing
can you hear the roaring sound?
The heartland is awakening
to Washington we are bound.

To deliver a message of
our raw disgust and outrage,
to let you know once and for all
it is time to turn the page.


cdm 4/14/16


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