Mommy always called me Gypsy

03 Oct


Mommy always called me Gypsy
after Gypsy Rose Lee.
Seems I loved high-heels and jewelry
they fascinated me.
My wardrobe held the cast-offs of
the ‘Ladies’  from upstairs.
I’d watch them do thier make-up and
do what they called ‘coiffures’ *
To see them dressed up for the town
gave my young heart delight.
They’d stumble up apartment stairs
at all hours of the night.
There was Sophie, Grace and Carol,
and my favorite Kaye,
it seemed that they all worked at night,
then slept most of the day.
Mom acted strange when I told her,
“I want to be like them”.
Told Daddy,”We will have to move,
or face a big problem”.
It wasn’t long before we moved
seemed very sad to me.
Cause after that, Mommy never
called me Gypsy Rose Lee.

      7-28-11             c.d.m.

*In these ladies dialect, ‘coiffures’, rhymes with ‘upstairs’.


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One response to “Mommy always called me Gypsy

  1. Mike

    August 23, 2012 at 3:27 am

    Looks like I’ve missed a lot of your posts. Been wondering where you were. I guess I’ll have to pay a little closer attention. Liked the poem.


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